Goals for 2020

It is a sad truth that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by March.  So in the spirit of being contrary I am here to sprinkle some fairy dust on my resolutions, assign them the rather blase moniker “goals” and commence in defiance of statistics.  I never liked that statistics class in college anyway.

Goal #1: Finish Four Projects in Limbo

I aim to finish four projects this year that are in various stages.  The first, a new science fiction project, is about halfway through its third draft, but was first written in 2015.  Another is the long-awaited sequel to A Gray Crusade.  Others I am choosing to keep hidden for now, but all four of these I hope to have “editor-ready” by the end of the year.  This does not mean that all of these will be published this year, of course, but it *does* mean that they will be ready as soon as the resources and appropriate plans are in place.

Goal #2: Read 52 Books

This is, by my estimation, a rather modest reading goal.  50 books is a pretty comfortable annual reading goal for me, but I’m sad to say that I didn’t hit it in 2019.  There are a few reasons for this, one being that my work life was much busier than I’ve been accustomed to.  But after some adjustments in my schedule, I think that a book a week is perfectly reasonable, especially considering the fact that I’ve had a head start in finishing three “currently reading” books in the first three days of January.  I’ve always said that avid writers are also avid readers, and it’s time to put my time where my mouth is – often a more challenging and important prospect than mere dollars and cents.

Goal #3: Launch a Kickstarter Campaign for Captain Liam

The aforementioned first project that I intend to finish this year is tentatively titled “Captian Liam and the Three-Eyed Space Pirate.”  This was originally a NaNoWriMo project, and has gone through a heavy editing phase since November, which I hope to put a bow on by the end of February.  At that point, I hope to try something I have not yet tried – Kickstarter – which could help me to gain the resources needed to put a real marketing plan behind the book.  And while, yes, I did just say that time is often more important than dollars and cents, Facebook and Google sadly do not allow bartering as a method of payment (but if you’re a cover artist who will design for eggs, then let me know and I’ll pick up some chickens and a coop-building book).  Because I want to do this properly, there are a few pieces that still need to be in place before I can truly launch a crowdfunding campaign the right way.  But I’m putting this here as a goal because this is always something I’ve said is a good idea, and even said I should do, but never have actually gotten done.  2020 is the year.

Goal #4: Appear at Three In-Person Events

Local author events were at one time one of my favorite parts of being an author.  In the past couple of years, I have sought out less of those opportunities.  The reasons for this are myriad, but a lot of it has to do with time and becoming more plugged in to my day job.  This is not something I regret in itself, but I do regret that I allowed an outgrowth of that to be a reduction in these in-person author events.  So in 2020, I want to carve out the time to become more involved in the local author community in Greater Lafayette, Indiana, and to discover more opportunities to partner with local bookstores, coffee shops, and the like.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even migrate out of Tippecanoe County.


And that’s that!  If you’d like to follow along as I tackle these goals, you can join my newsletter (and get a free ebook while you’re at it).  Have a good year!

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