Publishing News: Prison in the Sky

Prison in the Sky, previously known as Captain Liam & the Three-Eyed Space Pirate, will be coming your way this fall!

The book is currently slated for release on September 15.  It’s in progress right now – the book is currently in the hands of my very capable editor, and I am expecting my cover in the next 2-4 weeks.  Once available, you will be able to get it on paperback, or an ebook on Kindle.  I also hope to eventually have it available as an Audible audiobook, although that may not be complete by the September 15 release.

The novel is a science fiction adventure with elements of space opera, crime drama, and dystopia, with themes of personal sacrifice, social justice, and radicalism.  Liam dreams of returning to Earth, the planet his fellow humans left long ago.  But the obstacles in front of him are extreme.  The trip is long, dangerous, and requires a ship and a crew.  Those cost money, and Liam has none of it.  Bereft of resources, and facing a dwindling lifespan on a hostile planet, Liam seeks out his only remaining option: reward money for a radical terrorist.

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Logan Judy (that’s me) is a science fiction, fantasy, and dystopia author.  His newest novel, The Prison in the Sky, is slated for release in September 2020.  You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon, and you can sign up for his newsletter and receive a free ebook.

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