Logan Judy

Logan Judy is a fantasy, science fiction, and dystopia author. He has written and published three novels to date, including the superhero dystopia Rogue Series, and the standalone speculative fiction novel An Exalted Depravity. A Prison in the Sky, a new space opera adventure, was released in November 2020.

Ever fascinated with storytelling and the arts, Logan began writing his first novel, a medieval fantasy, at 12 years old. He has engaged with story and the arts in various ways ever since, including an entertainment blog, podcasting, fan fiction, and his own original stories, as well as being a hobbyist in music and drawing. He lives in Indiana with his wife and two children.

Facebook: facebook.com/loganjudyauthor 

Twitter: twitter.com/loganrjudy

Instagram: @loganrjudy


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