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Virtual Workshop: Principles of Storytelling

Like many others, I had an event canceled due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19.  It was to be a workshop at a local library on writing, intended for teens involved in the library’s summer reading program.  In lieu of an in-person event, I produced a video instead, which the library shared on their Facebook page, and which I’ve embedded below.

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What’s a Writer’s Typical Day Like?

I remember asking that question a lot as a kid, wondering what my favorite authors did every day.  Did they write every day?  Or did they spend more time doing appearances?  Or was it spent doing marketing things?

From one perspective, I’m kind of a bad example of what the life of a writer is like because I still have a day job, and I’m still in college.  However, I’m currently in between day jobs (I’m starting another one next Monday) and classes don’t start for two weeks, so for this week I’m a full-time writer, and I have for a while been using my days off as “Full-Time Writer Days.”

One thing to realize is that when I say being a writer, I don’t only mean being an author.  In addition to writing books and stories, I also write for a few entertainment blogs, and one Christian apologetics blog, where I write about Christianity and pop culture/entertainment.  So this is what my day today looks like, and it’s very similar to my other writing days.


9:30 – Share blog post (which had been, ideally, written and scheduled the night before), post on social media pages, check blog stats and book sales, add any book sales data to Excel doc.

10 – Write any needed blog posts.  This will vary depending on what blogs I need to write for.  Today I’m allowing until 11.

11 – Short story writing.  I have a short story I’m expanding and will be publishing as a Kindle Single.

12 – Lunch

1 – Edit/Make changes based on suggestions from beta reader

2 – Drafting

3 – Watch/listen to/read for entertainment review on blog, comment on other blogs

4 – Drafting


This is a loose schedule, and I often break slightly from my plan, but this is a rough outline.  The drafting periods aren’t always set for a particular project.  I have two projects that I’m planning on drafting today.  I like to split up the heavy writing periods, and I recommend that unless you’re purposefully speed writing, which some people do, and I’ve done periods of myself.  If I’m hitting writer’s block, then I will usually plan my writing periods for later, because I get most of my ideas at night.  Some of the best writing I’ve done has been at around midnight.  But right now, I’m lacking more on writing diligence than ideas to flesh out.