An Exalted Depravity (There is no cover image available at this time)

The future has come, and it’s not so bright as we hoped.  Technological advances have halted and it’s difficult to live much above poverty level, but at least things are peaceful.  They’re peaceful because we locked them up; the children.  Oh, we didn’t call it locking them up.  No, we just said “It takes a village to raise a child” and instituted mandatory year-round boarding schools.

But we knew what we were doing.  The children were locked up and force-fed sex and drugs, using shallow, degrading, animalistic lust to keep us from speaking out.  Those who didn’t abide by it were ripped from their lives and forced to comply, especially homeschoolers.

We were told they were the cause for the infamous riots, with dead bodies trampled by Hell-raisers with torches and swords, using insurrection to fill their bloodlust.  But what if that wasn’t the truth?  What if we were lied to?  What if the homeschoolers had nothing to do with it?  What if the Neo Nazi never existed?  What if I could prove all of it with a simple story of how I met one of them, and how I suffered for it, and how I don’t regret a single minute of it?  My name is Lync Griffin-Matthews, and this is my story.

An Exalted Depravity is Logan Judy’s NaNoWriMo 2014 book, and is in the early drafting stage.  Its expected release date is Spring 2015.